Dick King Statue

The statue, which is located on the Esplanade at Aliwal Street, commemorates the ride by Dick King to Grahamstown in 1842 to obtain help for the British Garrison who were being besieged in their camp on the site where the Old Fort stands today. On May 25th, Dick King, his helper Ndongeni, and their horses were ferried across the bay to the Bluff and began the 600-mile ride to Grahamstown.


Dick King reached Grahamstown in only 10 days despite being ill and unable to travel on two of the days. There has been some dispute over exactly how far Ndongeni travelled, but it is probable that he accompanied Dick King past the mouth of the Mgazi River. In any event, Dick and his son were never heard to deny the role that Ndongeni played in the epic ride and, eventually, he was granted a farm by the Natal Government in thanks.