Permits and Heritage Resource Management



In terms of heritage legislation certain heritage resources are afforded protection.

Provincial Landmark. Any Proclaimed site which is the property of the province, district or local authority. May not be altered or demolished without a permit.
Heritage Landmark. Any proclaimed site which is in private property. May not be altered or demolished without a permit.
Heritage Object. Artefacts of substantial aesthetic, cultural or scientific importance, or connected to a site protected by the act. May not be altered or destroyed, or removed from its place of storage without a permit.
Listed Items.    
General Protections. Refer to Heritage Resources. May not be altered or demolished without a permit.May not be removed from the province without a permit. Trade in items recovered from protected sites is illegal.




Heritage resource management
If a proposed development contains any of the listed activities, the developer needs to complete and submit a Need and Desireability Application (FORM J). Amafa will within two weeks reply to the developer as to whether an impact assessment is required. Should an impact assessment be required Amafa can provide a list of approved heritage practitioners to conduct an assessment and provide a report.

On the basis of the mitigation provided in the report a permit for the activity will be granted. Usually only exceptional cases require a developer to substantially alter the plans for the proposal. Developers should notify Amafa well in advance of proposed developments to ensure a timeous response. A set of guidelines for permits and submission to the Built Environment Committee of Amafa aKwaZulu-Natali  will assist developers.

 List of accredited heritage practitioners.

Listed Activities

  • Developments (roads, walls, powerlines, pipelines) greater than 300m Linear in length
  • Bridges greater than 50 m in length
  • Proposed developments exceeding 10000m2
  • Proposed developments exceeding three or more erven
  • Proposed developments exceeding three or more existing erven consolidated within past five years
  • Proposed development will exceed a cost set in terms of regulations
  • Any other category provided for in regulations