Vandalism at Hlobane Battlefield

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Heritage in KwaZulu Natal has had a bad start to 2014 with news that memorials at Hlobane Battlefield have been vandalised.
The damage was likely caused by thieves on 31 December 2013, who were likely in search of grave relics. A hole about 1 m deep was excavated at the site.
Grave robbery is on going problem in KZN, with at least one incident reported each year. According to James van Vuuren, Deputy Director Support and Technical Services for Amafa, theives in the employ of relic hunters are the most likely culprits. "As in the past,  case will opened with the SAPS. Both the national and provincial heritage legislation make provision for hefty fines and /or prison terms, whould the culprits be apprehended. Amafa offers a reward for any information that leads to a conviction", said van Vuuren. He added that the graves and markers would be reinstated once damage had been documented by police,  so that a criminal case could be pursued.
Anyone with information that could assist the investigation is requested to contact James van Vuuren, 082 499 3531.