Prince Imperial Monument Desecrated

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THE Prince Imperial Memorial, near Nquthu in the Dundee district, has been damaged for the second time in six months.


The vandals are believed to have been grave robbers who mistook the site for a grave. They destroyed a marble marker cross and seriously damaged the supporting structure


Prince Louis Napoleon, Prince Imperial of France, was an observer with a British detachment during the Anglo -Zulu War of 1879 when the group was ambushed and he was killed.


The Prince’s body was recovered. It lay in state in Pietermaritzburg before being, returned to Britain where he and his mother, the Empress Eugenie, had been living in exile.


“Nobody is buried beneath the marker,” James van Vuuren, Deputy Director, Support and Tecnhical Services at Amafa, said today. “Whoever did this was wasting their time because they would have found nothing. They are also wasting our time and resources because we will have to reinstate the marker.”


The police are investigating. Last month grave robbers, probably in search of relics, desecrated a grave at Intombi Camp near Ladysmith.


“It is an offence to remove any relic from a battlefield or grave site. Any person found guilty of this faces a prison sentence or a hefty fine,” said Van Vuuren.


Further information: James van Vuuren – 082-4993531


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