New Memorial Unveiled at Port Durnford

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A memorial commemorating the exile of King Cetshwayo from Zululand was unveiled at Port Durnford today.


At the end of the Anglo Zulu War King Cetshwayo was captured and exiled to the castle in Cape Town. He eft Zululand from Port Durnford on the ship "Natal".

This was the beginning of tragic and bitter times for the Zulu Kingdom. When the King returned to Zululand he was allowed to rule over a reduced area. A Bitter civil war had however sapped his power, and attempts on his life forced the king to flee to Eshowe.


The memorial was funded by Amafa AkwaZulu Natali and unveiled by His Majesty, King Goodwill Zwelithini and traditional Prime Minister of the Zulu Nation, Prince M.G Buthelezi.