New rates for Amafa Permit Applications

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The cost of permits relating to built structures more than 60 years’ old in KwaZulu-Natal will be increased from February 1.

The KwaZulu-Natal Heritage Act, 1997, protects all such structures, whether private, commercial or state-owned, from a small rural dip tank or community church to grand

civic buildings and monuments.

These may not be demolished or altered without a written permit from Amafa, the provincial heritage body.

New applications for such activities will now cost R250. Renewal or extension of an expired permit increases to R150, as does a permit to deviate from an approved plan. Application for a permit to register an activity under a new owner’s name will cost R250.

Amafa Chief Executive Officer Barry Marshall said: “This legislation is intended to protect the province’s built environment, so much of which has been lost through unauthorised demolition or ignorance of a structure’s heritage value. 

“We are not standing in the way of development but want to ensure we protect structures that illustrate our rich and diverse history.” 


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